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The coffee roasting company Mokaflor has been active on the market since 1952, importing, transforming and selling coffee. It is well settled within the HORECA sector of the Italian market as well as in the foreign markets, also with regard to mass distribution.

In 1999, the ChiaroScuro brand was created within Mokaflor. It was a new brand idea based on the trade of particular blends, usually high quality ones which were intended for specific consumption preferences. Also at that time Mokaflor devoted itself to single-origin coffee trading.

An innovative line of fancy items and coffee machines for domestic use has then been associated with this new brand. More recently typical Italian and Florentine pastry have been reinterpreted around the key-concept of coffee, thus forming another speciality of the ChiaroScuro mark.

The ChiaroScuro cafeterias, starting from the pilot point opened in 1999, are the result of this path of passion and of the will of testing, in a dedicated space, the ChiaroScuro products. The project now comprises, besides the two points in Florence, cafeterias in Latvia, Luxemburg, the United Arab Emirates and in Romania.



Based upon a franchising model, the ChiaroScuro Concept proposes to its investors a contract model in which rights and obligations of both parties are clearly stated.

The ChiaroScuro Concept team offers:

  • A guided approach to the required set of information for opening a coffee shop
  • Evaluation of the proposed shop location
  • A feasibility analysis
  • A tailored business plan, analysing targets, competition, strategies, profit and loss account, break even point and future gaining margins
  • Highly structured formats to choose from
  • Consulting for staff selection
  • Staff training
  • Architect, interior designer and graphic studio consulting
  • The possibility of having the furniture made either by our partner company or by a chosen local company
  • Our representative presence during the opening phase
  • Continuous updating of products and promotions
  • Reserved maintenance deals and services
  • Discounts for equipment, maintenance and supplies
  • Continuous assistance and consulting

From the partner we ask:



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The ChiaroScuro Concept has set up four different formats, all of which have been structured in order to offer a specific solution for the fundamental interaction between the ChiaroScuro point and the commercial setting it will be present in.

CITY Format

It is the format for downtowns. Its natural location are crowded pedestrian areas and its’ target in terms of type of customer and occasion of consumption varies.

The mornings are dedicated to the classical Italian breakfast, with cappuccinos and brioches. At lunch time our cooking line, being very simple and light, is an ideal offer for this time of the day. During the afternoon, for a meeting or just a break, coffees, teas and hot chocolates are back on the bar. And if the day goes on, the cooking line can be also used at dinner, and after that the bar can turn again in that living-room we saw in the afternoon.

This format pays great attention to take-away ground coffees, considering that the store is seated in a downtown area. Also fancy items are of great importance in a place like this, where shopping and relaxation go along.

The needed space goes from 100 to 300 m2, possibly with a specific area destined to the kitchen and one or more windows facing the street. This kind of store needs from four to ten employees and can be open all day long.

TRAVEL format

This format concerns places like airports, train stations and bus stations, where customers usually have to spend a determined amount of time being completely free from any commitments.
The needed space is smaller than the CITY format, and clients consume their products mainly standing at the bar or on other specific surfaces; therefore in this format less importance is afforded to tables. Instead the display of pastry, cookies and pies is of central significance.

The take-away ground coffee is given just a little space, leaving a bigger one for fancy items, which easily can become the last-minute gift idea.

For this option the estimated area seldom goes beyond the 50 m2, staff is kept between two and six units and the opening hours depend on the hosting structure.

MALL format

This format refers to shopping malls. The target customers are those looking for a place where to take a pleasant break while shopping.

What loses importance in comparison with the CITY format is the lunch time, for there are often highly competitive structures within the malls. As a consequence, coffee, hot drinks, pastry and pies become the preferred products for consumption during the relax time.
In addition, take-away ground coffees and fancy items can turn the ChiaroScuro bar into an alternative shopping point.

The average space available in malls does not exceed the 80 m2; there can be three to seven units of personnel and the opening hours are the same as the hosting mall.

IN format

The IN format refers to corner-points integrated in places like shopping centres, cinemas or similar areas. It is not a real coffee shop, but a small corner in harmony with the surrounding structure, nevertheless autonomous and easily identifiable.

The target is given by the setting. The main offers concern coffees: espressos, cappuccino and all the other versions. Needed space is around 10-15 m2 and not more than two employees can take care of it. Opening hours are those of the hosting structure.

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